Automatic Identification Systems

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Buttons at the right provide links to AIS data received by my own AIS station, as well as access to some of my presentations or research done on AIS

Text Box: The Automatic Identification System (AIS), as specified by IMO, is a ship and shore based broadcast system, operating in the VHF maritime band.
It is capable of sending and receivingship information such as identity, position, course, speed, ship details and cargo information to and from other ships, suitable equipped aircraft and shore.
AIS is also implemented in stand-alone or networked Aids-to-Navigation (AtoN) applications, comprising lighthouses, buoys and other floating devices and sensors.
The main purpose of the system is to ensure maritime safe navigation; however other areas may take advantage of this technology, namely for ship, air (see example) or ground tracking and surveillance purpo

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First live demo of AIS in Portugal.


AIS  pilot bag on my boat in the Tagus River


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