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Text Box: VTS services for the safety of navigation and coastal surveillance are by themselves projects of great magnitude and complexity aggregating several technical disciplines, and networking sensors of various types (radar, VHF communication, DF, AIS, CCTV, etc) on a single system.

One of the major scopes is to increase maritime safety on a user-friendly environment distributing a Common Operating Picture (COP) of a defined Area of Interest (AOI) at control centres.

These can be arranged in a regional or national architecture, where among other relevant tasks data fusion and algorithm processing is performed in order to achieve and distribute an unequivocal identification of every single acquired target over a monitored AOI to internal and external users (Port Administrations, Navy, Custom Departments, Immigration, Ship operators)

On this specific area my experience has been enriched by participating as advisor at the design, analysis and conceptual phases of some international projects, as well as cooperating with a few leading worldwide manufacturers in the preparation of their bid submissions.

With this technical know how and background, integrating a team of other experts as required, this experience is now available to end users wishing to address new challenging projects, or desiring to have an independent evaluation or support for current or future projects.







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