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This video shows the tracking of a P-3C aicraft of the Portuguese Air Force, from the ‘Lobos’ squadron located at Beja, in a mission patrol mission over the Atlantic Ocean coastal waters of Portugal.


The flight search pattern is clearly evidenced on the video.


This was the first flight of an AIS operational aircraft in Portugal, following the initial ground reception trials conducted by myself in 2007 with a similar transponder in the P-3 aircraft.


This mission data was recorded on September 11, 2008 based on the broadcasted AIS data collected by my own AIS RX station.


The video was produced using the record and replay capabilities of the Shipplotter software application. Thanks to Bev (www.shipplotter.com) for developing such a nice tool.

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Prior to the initial ground AIS reception tests onboard the P-3 in 2007 all the airborne certified  configuration was tested with a moving map display system and live reception ... in my balcony!