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consultant (at) ribeirodearaujo (dot) com

Text Box: After so many years working as a local consultant for some of the largest world Defence contractors it’s a little bit strange to have to write an introduction about myself, because this is one of the cases where the simple description of the projects I have been involved is largely self-explanatory.

Therefore, the only purpose of this site is to provide cues about the experience I gained over the years on a broad range of technical disciplines, and potentially to make it available to the overall business community.

So I will not use any nice wording for describing my skills and achievements. I prefer to invite you to visit the pages of this site and discover by yourself some of the programs I have been involved, and my major areas of expertise.

Then, I challenge you to think about how my contribution could be useful for the success of your project, program or operation in Portugal, in other Portuguese-speaking Countries, or elsewhere in other fast developing Countries.

Ask me about your problem and I will try to work and devise a solution for it.

If you are a Company and there is an emerging business opportunity we can discuss several scenarios and the grounds for a potential cooperation, including under my leadership the possibility of Consortia formation and intermediation.

If you are an Administration may be you would like to discuss the definition of a specification, or other more specific items like the provision of training, technical documentation, attendance of factory or site acceptance tests, as only a few examples.

I also use this site to emphasize some of the areas I am currently involved and to publish some presentations and research project work I did on the AIS topic. I hope the AIS community can make good use of it. You are free to use that material if you quote this source, or include a link to this page.

Even if this site is written in English I am multi-lingual, and you can address me in other languages as well, like French, Italian, Spanish, and naturally my own native language, the Portuguese. I will be delighted to answer your questions. Have a nice browsing!

			               	Ribeiro de Araújo



de Araújo (retd)


Consultor / Consultant